Incident computer support is a service that allows you to visit a specialist at an address specified by you to perform software and hardware diagnostics, as well as solve problems on site. The service is offered to individuals and legal entities. Even if you are not a customer of Serenity Group Bulgaria ltd., in case of a problem you can call us and we will visit you, we will analyze the cause, we will solve the problem and we will offer you a solution and preventive measures to prevent similar problems in the future. The full set ofthe computer services we offer can also be performed once, without being our customer. In this case, you are not bound by a contractual relationship and You only pay the cost of the specific service. SGB iTech offers round-the-clock technical support of computer networks and systems as well as business consumers and individual customers. 

In the field of computer technology, everyone knows something and that is why its users are divided into “end users”, “specialists / technicians”, “system administrators” and “IT managers (Information Technology Manager)”.

The maintenance of each system must be carried out by qualified personnel. We have specialists from all levels. This allows us to offer quality maintenance of available equipment to our customers.

Thanks to our close cooperation with all specialized services we can take over the maintenance of the entire available information environment in one company. 

The problems we can fix on the spot with you are: 


SGB iTech is your reliable partner on the road to success!

We will be happy to answer all your questions!

If you want to learn write us more at or call us at +359882500015

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