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We at SGB iTech can make a free visit to your office to determine the status of your computer systems and offer ways to optimize them.

Very often a non-optimized new computer can work more bad from old. That is why the intervention of a specialist is important to set up the computer systems in the most appropriate way.

Your computer system diagnostics include:

Check for missing drivers

Check the security software

Check the operability of the components - temperature, condition of the hard disk, memory, peripherals, network, etc.

Getting to know the client through a report and consultation on the state of the computer system

Suggestions for optimizations based on the performed checks

Optimization may include:

Clear malware

Remove unnecessary software

Operating system system package settings

Prevention - dedusting, prevention of overheating

Install the necessary support software

Connecting and troubleshooting network and more

Thanks to the diagnostics you will:

You save time and money

In this way you avoid getting the machines in service for an indefinite period of time due to technical malfunctions.

You reduce the risk

You minimize the risk of inability to perform normal work due to technical damage

You shorten the time to complete the tasks

You guarantee to your clients the fulfillment of their requests in the shortest possible time

You maintain the image of a reliable company

You can maintain the image of a reliable company that runs smoothly and can be relied on.

SGB iTech is your reliable partner on the road to success!

We will be happy to answer all your questions!

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SGB iTech е Your reliable partner on the road to success!
We will be happy to answer all your questions!