One of the activities of SGB iTech is the design, construction and installation of video surveillance. The service is suitable for different types and capacities of business sites, as well as for private individuals seeking to protect their material property and privacy. Carried out by us, the activity of installing your security system will be performed in accordance with all requirements for quality and safety.

In order to develop a business successfully, it is necessary to build proper communication, for which it is necessary to create a cable system. SGB ​​iTech specializes in building all kinds of local and Internet networks. Each network must be carefully designed for its reliable operation. The company has experience with such projects and their implementation, thanks to which it builds fast, flexible and reliable networks. Our specialists will build and “revitalize” your network, regardless of the category you are targeting.

In this dynamic life, video surveillance is an important part of security for any type of business. SGB ​​iTech offers different types of video surveillance systems, according to the specifics of the site.

Access control systems are used by many companies in order to centrally manage all types of premises in your building – offices, shops, retail outlets , elevators and others. Using this system saves the effort and resources for physical control of entry and exit of controlled premises.

We at SGB iTech will consult, deliver, build and configure your video surveillance and security system. We could complete your project and then sign a maintenance contract. If you are a representative of a local business school, municipal institution, hotel restaurant or other small or large commercial site, you can contact us to prepare the most suitable offer for you.

Security is an invaluable incentive today. Security is everything. Security is priceless. This is how we think at SGB iTech and stand firmly behind our words and concept. Peace and security for home and business – these are things that could not be measured in money or effort. These are factors that just have to be there.

That’s why we at SGB iTech put every effort into the security concept. With us you can find a variety of high quality CCTV cameras. They are the tool through which we provide that part of your business and business that requires a high level of security.

In connection with video surveillance, SGB iTech can offer:

  • Free consultation and recommendations for the possibilities and the most optimization solutions for your specific case;
  • Construction of video surveillance;
  • Support of video surveillance built by us or already existing;
  • Optimize existing video surveillance.

Video surveillance is a great way to:

  • Increase the security and control of your sites;
  • Increase the loyalty and discipline of your employees;
  • Ensure evidence in case of need;
  • Be aware of any action that takes place in the place that is under surveillance;
  • Protect yourself from robbery and malicious acts.

SGB iTech is your reliable partner on the road to success!

We will be happy to answer all your questions!

If you want to learn more write us at or call us at +359 882 500 015

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