We at SGB iTech offer a complete service in the field of information technology. We develop complete solutions for individuals and companies with forward thinking. In our work we maintain relationships based on transparency and mutual trust both to our employees and to our customers and partners.
With our team we realize your ideas quickly and professionally. As a comprehensive IT service agency, we combine hardware and software knowledge and skills to give our customers disproportionate results. We will consult you in case of a hardware problem and recommend the most profitable option for you – from repairing old computers, laptops and tablets to preparing the most optimal and profitable offer for you according to your wishes, from the maintenance of your built IT infrastructure to the creation of a completely new one especially for your needs.
Our team will help you both for your internal system and for building your website (store). Building serious, mutually beneficial relationships with your customers, skillfully suggesting to them that you are exactly what they need is our specialty. We from SGB iTech we think the new technology is good  Web Design,  SEO Optimization combined with proper management is the key to the development and success of your business.


Why should you take advantage of our IT services?

Many companies offer computer support to financially relieve their customers. Yes, this is one of the main benefits of maintenance, but not the most important. By contacting the specialists of SGB iTech, you receive the following benefits:

  • you stop thinking about the eternal difficulties that technology creates for you;
  • you have qualified software and hardware professionals that you can completely trust. We can serve you both remotely (it is not necessary to visit you every time in the office) and on site with you;
  • you have a reliable system for working with your computers;
  • with us you can save your most valuable resource – information in a company. The author’s system for periodic archives developed by us has more than once saved lost or damaged files;
  • peace of mind from the “leakage” of information – because the philosophy of SGB iTech is based on unwavering honesty.

You can take advantage of our various IT solutions. Do not hesitate and contact us!

Със SGB iTech You will win not only many customers, but also long-term partners.

If you want to learn more write us on office@SGB-iTech.com or call us at +359882500015

We are expecting you!

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