Payment Policy

When concluding a contract for subscription computer or server support, it is prepaid for 1 month until the 5th of the respective month. When concluding a contract after the 5th, a fee is calculated corresponding to the number of days remaining until the end of the month.

When concluding a subscription contract, including a larger number of devices, “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd. offers an additional % discount from the subscription price.

Payment methods:

  • Bank transfer:

    Bank / Payment institution: CENTRAL COOPERATIVE BANK (CCB) – Sofia

    IBAN: BG26CECB979010I3515500



    Beneficiary: “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd.

  • Integrated online payment system – Virtual POS terminal (with credit / debit card)
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Revolut

What are the fees for access to the financial networks in which the online payments of the portal of “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd. are processed?

The fees of the portal are the costs charged for access to the financial networks, in which the online payments of “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd. are processed.

The fee for payment on the portal for issued and received invoice with credit / debit card is 1.5% of the transaction amount + €0.30.

How does “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd. use debit and credit card numbers for payments?

We at “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd. have signed a service contract with payment systems such as STRIPE, PAYPAL, Revolut or the Servicing Bank of “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd. and none of our employees has direct access to them.

Am I protected when I provide debit and credit card numbers for payments in “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd.?

The credit and debit card numbers you provide when paying for products and services purchased from us are encrypted and stored on secure servers in a secure location by our partners. STRIPE, PAYPAL, Revolut or the Servicing Bank of “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd. , which are global and local payment systems certified according to all payment security standards.

In Privacy Policy of “Serenity Group Bulgaria” ltd. describes in detail how we use your account information and payment information, including the data we collect and how we share it. We only share personal information with third parties in the circumstances described in this notice.

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