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In the digital age, businesses need a reliable, flexible and secure data backup and recovery solution. Companies handle more and more electronic documents, images, databases, e-mail and applications on a daily basis. The integrity and security of all these electronic assets is a top priority for the managers, as many business processes operate with or depend on this data.

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Data archiving is a key tool to prevent the risks associated with:

  • Technical failure

  • Hacker attack

  • Human mistake

  • Theft

  • Fire or natural disaster

The SGB iTech archiving solution is customized for each client and provides the following features

Automated archiving according to a set schedule - daily, weekly, monthly

Volume of data, according to the size, requirements and needs of the business

Possibility for local and / or cloud destination of the archive

Ability to backup files, folders, databases, partitions or disks located on individual computers

Ability to backup file servers, configuration files, e-mail

Recover archived data within 24 hours

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