Almost every LAN needs a flexible and reliable server. Administration is easy in some cases, but often requires a serious allocation of resources on a single server machine, access levels, security, and functionality. We at SGB iTech run on both Windows and Linux based operating systems. 

Construction and Subscription Support of Server Systems 1
  • Full hardware and software support.
  • Servers with MS Windows server and Linux server operating system.
  • Virtualization platforms as well as virtual machines (servers).
  • Mail servers.
    Communication servers / routers.
  • Terminal servers (MS Terminal Services).
  • Active directory (MS Active Directory).
  • WEB and FTP servers.
  • Video surveillance servers.
  • We support archives of archiving devices.
  • We develop and maintain archiving strategies.
  • We support network disk arrays for data storage Network Attached Storage (NAS).
  • We support block storage systemsStorage Area Network (SAN).
  • We build and maintain clusters of servers.
  • We migrate physically to virtual machines (VM).
  • We install, configure and maintain manageable switches.
  • We install, configure and maintain secure Wi-Fi networks.
  • We configure and support VLAN (virtual local area networks).
  • We monitor and manage the traffic on the computer networks.
  • We install, configure and maintain communication routers.
  • We install, configure and maintain firewalls.
  • We configure and maintain reliable VPN (virtual private networks).
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